Markets Dates
2022 Market Special Theme Community Café Operator  
3rd September   Hovingham Tennis Club
1st October   St. Georges Church, Scackleton
5th November   All Saints' Church, Hovingham
3rd December Christmas Market Hovingham Village Playground
17th December Special Christmas Market Hovingham Project Purple

2023 Markets 2024 Markets 2025 Markets
4th February 3rd February 1st February Markets Open at 10:30am, Close at 1:30pm

The Hovingham Village Market is held on the first Saturday of each month from February to December,  with an extra special Christmas Market on the third Saturday of December.

We look forward to seeing you there
4th March 2nd March 1st March
1st April 6th April 5th April
6th May 4th May 3rd May
3rd June 1st June 7th June
1st July 6th July 5th July
5th August 3rd August 2nd August
2nd September 7th September 6th September
7th October 5th October 4th October
4th November 2nd November 1st November
2nd December 7th December 6th December
16th December 21st December 20th December